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What Zion Families Have to Say...

Best school, best teachers, best experience ever.   I love that my little girl gets to take her journery in education hand and hand with her journey in Christ.  This school and church have been an amazing blessing in both of our lives.

Lindsey J.

Zion Lutheran School has been such a blessing to our family.  We decided to enroll our son at Zion after he was being bullied at a different school.  From the moment I talked to the admissions coordinator, I knw we had found something different.  She was sympathetic to our situation and assured us that that behavior was not tolerated at Zion (which it isn't...we haven't had any problems since we have been there).  Once we enrolled our son Zion, he excelled.  He has been at Zion for the last 4 years and has alway gotten A's and B's and tested above his grade level.  The teachers and staff at Zion are amazing.  they know how to help each of of the students succeed.  The academics are outstanding! We have had some major health issues come up since we have been at Zion and everyone has been so caring and supportive, helping us in any way thay can.  God answered our prayers in finding an amazing schoolfor our son, but He has given us so much more.

Tammy B.

This is our first year at Zion and it has been amazing!  When we prayed for the boys to be in one school that offered daycare before and after school, God answered that prayer!  We were also looking for a school that honors God, teachesvirtues, and focuses on family values.  This Pk-8th grad school feels like family and made it easy for us to choose Zion for our kindergarten son and 7th grader.  A place where they can grow academically, socially, and spiritually together in one building.  Soon as you walk through the doors, you can feel the love.  Zion's decor is cheery and upbeat. Smiles and laughter can be found throughout the school.  Small class sizes, great curriculun, excellent teachers and staff, art, music, pe, science, history, logic, Latin, chapel, Bible study, PTF, field trips, and special events mak a wonderful combination for a great school year! Combo classed are amazing and allow student to loop with their teacher and be challenged.  We love Zion so much that we are praying that it becomes a Pk-12th grade school very soon!  Thank you Zion for bing such a blessing to us and so many others in our community.  Thank you Jesus for Zion!

Teresa M.

We love this school! My husband and I were wanting a small school where our kids would be known and re-eforce the family values that are important to us.  The teachers and staff meet the kids where they are at, either with more help in understanding material or with providing more academic challenges for those who need it.  You can't find this in other schools. So thankful we stopped by for a tour 4 years ago.

Christa C.

Zion Lutheran School is an excellent Christian school!  I am an educator myself so I am very picky about what school my children atten.  I have been very pleased with the education they have received at Zion.  At Zion teachers and staff teach the whole child.  They do not only focus on academics but also on character development and physucal well-being.  Zion is not just a school, it is a family!

Gwendolyn S.

When we came to the decision to start our son in preschool, we were especially nervious.  He had not done daycare, he cried every time he even saw the building.  It was very upsetting for the both of us.  My husband Jordan had attended Zion at a young age and he excelled in school, so we decided to give it a shot.  As an only child he didn't get much time to socialize with other children and was very shy he also was currently in speech therapy because he was not tlking as much as he should have been.  Having him attend Zion Lutheran was the best dcision we have made as parents so fa!  They made us feel so welcomeand the transition was hard on him but so worth it in the end.  He has since graduated from sppech therapy and had made vast improvements in socializing  with kids his own age! Everytime we pass the school at night or on the weekend he always points and says "THAT' MY SCHOOL!" He loves going each day, loves his teacher and his classmates and always learns so much!  We cannot thank everyone at Zion Lutheran enough!

Yessie E.

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