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Get Involved

The benefits of parental involvement in school can be seen in the increased chance of success, because your child sees you take an active interest in what they are doing in school.  Students see how much you are invested in their education and school activities, thus teaching him or her the importance of learning.  When you partner with school your child is more likely to earn higher grades and better test scores.  Also having better attendance while showing proper behavior and better social skills.   


Join the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

PTF’s membership is made up of all parents and teaching staff.  All parents are encouraged to become active members.  The PTF works closely with ZLS administration to achieve the objectives of Zion Lutheran School Parent Teacher Fellowship.

  1. To promote the welfare of children in home, school, community and place of worship.

  2. To encourage a closer relationship between the home and school, so that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of their children.


Contact the office for officer information.


On-site Volunteering

Projects Needing Volunteers

Weed pulling/ landscaping

Painting inside & out

Fence Line & Play Ground Beautification Project

Change Reader Board

Fundraising Opportunities

To help offset some of the cost associated with quality education, Zion Lutheran School has a few fundraisers throughout the year. Listed below are some of the events and who receives the proceeds:


Annual Charitable Evening Dinner & Auction - PTF

Christmas Wreath Sale - Hot Lunch Program

Jog-A-Thon - Teachers Fund

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