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Classical Christian Education

One of the most important aspects of a Classical Christian Education lies in the “Christian” portion of the education. In a truly classical education, the Christian faith is not a separate subject but a worldview and foundation that is ingrained throughout all aspects of life at the school. At Zion Lutheran School, this can be seen clearly in four ways:

1. We are Christological. Faith in Jesus Christ is at the center of all that we do. He is our motivation for educating and who we place our faith in. We believe that God has revealed Himself through His Word (the Bible), and that Jesus is at the center of salvation history. This also means that we focus on historic Biblical Christianity.

2. We are Sacramental. The Word of God and the Sacraments (Holy Baptism and Holy Communion) are central to our doctrine and life. We believe that through these means God communicates His Law and Gospel, His grace and mercy, and His life and salvation to all who believe in Him. Thus, we receive on Christ’s action for us through these sacramental means.

3. We are Creedal. What we believe, teach, and confess is formulated in the historic Creeds and Confessions written throughout the history of Christianity with the intent of faithfully confessing the truth of the God’s Word. This assists God’s people in clearing articulating the Gospel while holding firm to the pattern of sound words and guarding the good deposit of the faith entrusted to us (2 Timothy 1:13-14). These Creeds and Confessions are most notably found collected within the Book of Concord, In this way, we respond to Christ’s action for us in boldly believing, teaching, and confessing the Christian faith.

4. We are Liturgical. Our rites and practices follow a pattern that God’s people have utilized throughout the Old and New Testaments. This rhythm is based on God first speaking to us in His Word and then our response of prayer, praise, song, and thanksgiving. Every morning our school begins by hearing God’s Word in a short devotional service culminating with our chapel service on the last day of week.

Being Christological, sacramental, creedal, and liturgical prepares staff and students to embrace a truly classical education that is thoroughly Christian. In this way, children of God are created, sustained, and prepared to be good and faithful servants and citizens of our communities and of the Kingdom of God.

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