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Bike/Jog - A - Thon

Zion Lutheran School held the annual Bike-A-Thon on September 15, 2017

The students brought their bikes, trikes and scooters from home, riding them to make money for The Teachers Fund. Teachers use this money to offset classroom expenses.

Each class took turns riding the course that was laid out in the parking lot. The younger kids rode for 7 minutes, and the older kids rode for 10.

Teachers and parents were supporting the children. They kept count of how many laps they did, listened to concerns, and general cheering.

The Students from the upper grades helped the younger kids when they needed it. They also kept track of the laps that they completed.

All the students stayed outside on the crisp fall day to cheer for the students in other grades. They enjoyed the change of pace for the day. The teachers were all so pleased with the participation and positive attitudes of all the children.

The upstairs class met after school at the greenbelt to participate in a Run/Jog - A - Thon in place of the Bike- A- Thon. Each student ran for 30 minutes and had a great time earning money. The parents came out to support the class in their efforts.

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