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About ZLS

Zion Lutheran School provides each student educational mastery by building foundations that lead children to serve God with a Christian worldview, forming men and women of godly character and virtue. 


Zion Lutheran School has been educating students in Nampa for over half a century! We are a Christ centered school that accepts all denominations and welcomes unchurched students. Come visit us and you will experience a warm and loving atmosphere. Our class sizes are small, so students enjoy more one-on-one time with their teachers.



Zion Lutheran School begins with our academic 4-year-old preschool. Zion Lutheran Preschool has an emphasis on teaching the whole child using all the senses and learning modalities. Every day is centered in Christ and the basic Bible stories. The children will work on fine and gross motor skills, arts and crafts, listening skills and social and community awareness. Preschool also includes an excellent pre-reading and math and science program. We include technology when appropriate and include the children in our music and P.E. programs.



Zion Lutheran School offer classes for students PreK to 6th Grade. Our curriculum is a Classical Christian Curriculum.


A Classical Curriculum is traditionally Christian and gears teaching toward the natural learning processes of young minds. This curriculum melds seamlessly with our already excellent biblical and religious courses, stimulates and challenges students academically, and helps develop critical thinking skills that are frequently lacking in today’s society.

To read more information regarding classical education, click here:  An Introduction to Classical Education.

The Grammar Stage

For the youngest students, the classical curriculum begins with the Grammar Stage and teaches to the student’s natural inclinations. Songs, rhyming and the use of sound and rhythms strengthen and increase the student’s ability to absorb large amounts of information that

will be used in later stages.


The Dialectic Stage

The Dialectic Stage begins around grade three when the desire to debate naturally asserts itself. The classical curriculum teaches the student to create arguments that are true and valid and how to recognize poorly constructed arguments that have fallacies contained in their reasoning.


The Rhetoric  Stage

The Rhetoric Stage takes the student beyond debating and enables them to develop a thesis and support it with valid evidence. This stage preps the student for college and career.


What We Believe


Zion Lutheran School exists to educate all God's children regardless of denomination and warmly welcome unchurched families.



The uniqueness of our school lies in the fact that Christian education embraces all aspects of a child's development. This Christian School provides the setting in which the Good News of God's love for all men in Christ Jesus can be taught and lived. As vehicles of the Holy Spirit, children grow in every respect: physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.



The strength of this school lies in God working through His teachers. Each of our teachers are dedicated to the total growth of the child and helps each child to develop the concepts and values necessary for a successful adult life.



Zion Lutheran School is an extension of the home. It is only through the cooperation of home and school that effective Christian Classical Education takes place.


If you would like to learn about what Lutherans believe, teach, and confess, please contact us and visit Zion Lutheran Church at 404 Nectarine St., Nampa, ID 83686

Zion Lutheran School Nampa Idaho
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