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Middle school field trip to Boise

Posing on the steps of Democracy

5th, 6th, and 7th grade went on a field trip to the state Capitol where they were able to see our government in action. We had an amazing tour guide who shared many interesting stories about the Capitol's historical and current events.

Looking up to the dome.

This is a view looking up at the Dome!

The Dome reflected in the eye of a youth

Representative Brent Crane and the class

They meet Representative Brent Crane and say hello to Governor Otter. Since they have been studying American History and our government we really enjoyed seeing our books and work come to life.

The class waiting for their audience with the "Governor"

Mrs. Wollman is the "Governor"

Jaime & Sam's "coupe"

Could these be future state leaders?

Idaho's Capitol is our state's most-treasured building. Within its beautiful sandstone walls, laws have been passed, issues debated, and citizen rights safeguarded for nearly a century.

Students experiencing a real Otis Elevator

Same elevator, incidentally as created by Mac for science class

Discovery Center of Idaho

The students enjoyed the action of the experiments. They were interested in the pendulum and the experiments with electricity. They explored their love of science.

The students were able to contrast the evolution idea vs. creationism by using the informational placards that were surrounding the dinosaur Sue.

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