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The Big Slide

Teachers and staff were busily preparing for the new school year by painting, organizing classrooms, gathering curriculum and mentally preparing for the new group of students to arrive the next week. The last thing on anyone's mind was the loss of an icon on 12th Ave.

On the busy afternoon of Tuesday August 16th a pickup truck driven by a young lady hit our fence and damaged "The Big Slide".

We are so blessed that the driver was fine, no one was walking on the side walk and also

no children were on the playground. We were also blessed that it happened with a few days left before the students returned. The fence was quickly repaired, the children returned to a safe and secure playground. However, the slide is taking a bit longer. The custom rebuild will be worth the wait.

The slide was built by members of Zion Lutheran Church in the 1970's and has entertained countless children. Many people have posted on our Facebook wall their sadness at the damage, they have also recounted stories of their childhoods. We want everyone to rest assured that "The Big Slide" will return. It will be replaced as soon as the custom build is complete and will serve to entertain future children.

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