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Maggie's Baggies

This is the presentation that Maggie Peterson and Mackenzie Ratcliff have given to several local groups. "Hi, my name is Maggie Peterson and this is my partner Mackenzie Ratcliff. We are here to talk about a charity, we are starting to help the homeless, it is called Maggie's Baggies.

We are going to be creating care for the homeless shelters. The care bags have things like gloves, hats, socks and toiletries. They will have maps of other homeless shelters and other resources in the Treasure Valley.

I started to read, "Be A Change Maker," by Laurie Ann Thompson and I was challenged with the question, 'How are you going to be a change maker?'

At first I couldn't answer this question and it was getting me frustrated but I finally thought of it. One day I was in the car. I came to a stoplight and I saw a man on the street that was homeless holding up a sign. It was at that moment when I knew that I wanted to help people less fortunate than myself. According to the Boise/Ada County Homeless Coalition there are 2,037 men, women and children that are homeless in the state of Idaho. Over the past 25 years there has been an increase in poverty and a decrease in low income houses. We are not only going to give the bags to the shelters, but to people on the streets to help them find the resources needed. We are hoping to raise enough money for 160 people this year. That means we will need to raise $1,955 dollars. We have already raised $174.12 to meet our goal this year. 250 people need to donate $8 dollars or 8 items. This is how we are going to be change makers in our community. We hope you can help us be a part of the change the world needs."


208 466-9141 phone

208 463-4420 fax


1012 12th Ave. Rd.  

Nampa, ID 83686




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