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Washing Hands
Upside Down Chairs



Covid - 19 Policy

  • Parents will typically drop off their children off at the entrance to the school and will not enter into the school through the security doors unless necessary.

  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting will be done on a regular and strict schedule.

  • Regular hand washing will be strongly enforced.

  • Masks are optional, though encouraged. Teachers retain the option of taking them away from students if they become a distraction or get dirty.

  • Social Distancing– will be attempted within age appropriate reason.  This includes classroom, activities, and lunch.

  • Sharing of items will be limited i.e. pencils, crayons, markers, etc.  Parents are asked to please label their child’s supplies so they are identifiable.

  • We ask that if any person becomes ill who lives in the same house as the student, that the student stays home until the illness is past.

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