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1st & 2nd Grades

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  •  When I was in third grade, we were asked the question in school about what you wanted to be when we grew up. 

  • I loved school so much back then (and still do) and admired all my teachers. Learning was so fun!  

  • From third grade on, God set my heart on teaching other student that same love for school and learning that my teachers taught me. 

  • I wanted to give that love to others like it was given to me.



  • Nampa High School

  • Northwest Nazarene College 1st year of college

  • University of Idaho  - B.S. in Education

  • Northwest Nazarene University -  Master of Curriculum and Instruction


  • 3 years teaching 5th grade in Caldwell School District; 3rd Grade After School Reading Program

  • 19 years teaching multiple grades (3rd-5th) in Nampa School District

  • 4th year at Zion teaching 1st/2nd Grade

  • Nationally Certified

  • Mentor teacher, gifted and talented Teacher, after school intervention teacher, tutor


  • I was born in Caldwell and grew up in Nampa with my mom, dad, sister, and brother.  While we lived in the city, we got to spend a lot of time on our grandparents’ farm.  It was fun growing up in an environment that spanned the best of both worlds! 

  • After graduating HS I ended up meeting the love of my life up at University of Idaho.  We got married in 1998 and now have 2 amazing boys who also have a deep love for God and a great relationship with Him.  

  • We live in Nampa and have a dog, cat, hamsters, and fish. 

  • We love to bowl, skate, camp, fish, shop, play sports, make crafts, cook, read, take pictures, play games, garden, farm, travel, go to church and so much more! 

  • Anything we can do as a family and make a special memory together is on our daily list of things to do. 

  • I’m looking forward to an amazing year at Zion.  I can’t wait to see the adventures God takes us on.  It is going to be lots of fun working, learning, growing and making fantastic memories together!



  • My love for God has brought me to Zion.  I’ve been a public-school teacher for over 23 years trying to be light and salt to many sweet children and families.  It was several years back God started guiding my thoughts to Christian Education with my very own children.  I wanted them to spend more time in school learning about God along with academic and social goals.  I wanted them to learn about their Christian heritage, Jesus, and heaven.  This is how we found and made Zion our new home school.  We fell in love with Zion as soon as we opened the doors and came for a tour.  We knew this was a very special school that Jesus brought us to and wanted us to be part of yearly. In doing so, I started dreaming about how amazing it would be to teach children about Jesus, openly talk about Him, say prayers in the classroom/school with others openly, and learn about our Christian Faith/Heritage alongside others who had that same desire.  So, I wanted to be part of that and couldn’t wait to share that love with all the students, family, staff, and all who visit Zion. I wanted to show other families the same love Zion showed us when they welcomed us with open arms.   Little did I know that God planted that seed of being in Christian education and Zion when I was a little girl and drove by this very school.  I still remember the day my mom first drove by Zion Lutheran School when I was very small and I wanted to go to that school.  The big slide and cute playground was memorizing!  I wanted to go to Zion when I first saw this special school.  God is so amazing to make that dream come true for me as an adult almost 45 years later!  Now I dream of many years teaching students about Jesus and having them fall head over heels in love with Him and their Christian heritage/faith while falling in love with learning and school.  Therefore I teach at this amazingly God blessed school filled with extraordinary families… this is why I teach at Zion.  Thank you Jesus!



  • Our classroom mission is to be light and salt to others as we walk through life with Jesus guiding the way; share the gospel with others; have a personal relationship with God; live a Holy life; and read our bibles daily to learn more about our Christian heritage and faith through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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